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Wireless survey process - Wireless Site Survey Specialist

Wireless Site Surveys are conducted using WLAN metrics and RF spectrum properties. Connectivity is required. During this survey, it is a collection of computer data that it continuously records data. Each of these locations are collected:

  • Signal Strength Run.
  • Noise (electrical, not audio)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) - ()
  • Bandwidth

After these parameters are collected, they are analyzed with specialized software.

Types of Wireless Site Surveys:

There are three types of site surveys:

  • Passive: .

In this type of survey, it is possible to monitor the signal strength and the noise level.

  • Active:

Wireless adapters are associated with multiple access points. The wireless network monitor It can be fixed.

  • Predictive:

In this type of survey, it is created using mockup tools. The estimated coverage of the network is estimated.

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