Wireless Network Technician Salary

A Wireless Network Technician must resolve issues and support other data mediation groups. They must manage work activities relevant to their areas of responsibility. Technicians must also set up wireless radios and antennas. They should have an in-depth understanding of aligning and completing wireless installations. Network Technicians must connect and install hardware-router-switches, patch panel terminations, servers, local machines, printers, and SIP phones.

Technicians must install networks utilizing wiring and cable termination. A Wireless Network Technician further must provision network accounts and passwords as required. They must also provide security for all technology. Network Technicians must maintain IP addresses and should collaborate with other departments for delivering equipment for repair. They must additionally provide any necessary information relating to orders and inventory. Technicians also resolve issues related to equipment, such as scanners, printers, smart devices, and phone systems.


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